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Production facilities & Labs

Created by Studio Sharda, The Rug Republic (TRR) collection is produced in Sharda factories, spread over two million square feet of factory area in multiple locations across India. Fine-tuned over 3 decades of experience and enabled by our international exposure, the Sharda factories adhere to the highest international standards and have been awarded various certifications, being one of the first companies in the trade to achieve both ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certifications. While being conscious of our production quality, Sharda also strives to be a socially responsible and eco-friendly company. Sharda today is one of the pioneers in the usage of recycled raw materials.

To ensure we keep producing the best for our customers, we have stringent testing parameters enforced in our Labs, to the requirements of some of the most demanding retailers & mail-order catalogs, globally. Our labs also drive continuous innovation in our materials and production systems to keep our reputation as industry pioneers intact and justified.

While originally a made-to-order production line, special always-in-stock mechanisms were introduced with the inception of TRR. This seminal change has enabled us to maintain worldwide availability ex-stock with lead times of just 3 weeks ex-factory, a pioneering achievement in the floor fashion business.